Sinda is the thermal Simulation & Analysis Platform that has been extensively used across multiple industries including Aerospace, Automotive, and Electronics.


Sinda Thermal Analyzer Advantages

Sinda includes a number of advantages, compared to FE based thermal analyzers, which allow engineer to:

  • Simulate fatigue behavior arising from static, dynamic and thermal events.

  • Use fast radiation methods with multiple radiation enclosures.

  • Add subroutines to model logic and boundary conditions for complex thermal problems.

  • Model terrestrial heating for solar loads on Airplanes, Automobiles, Solar Power Plants, Civilian Structures, and more.
  • Utilize micro functions for complex loads without the addition of programming logic.

  • Include complex special/time/temperature variation of heat fluxes and convections.

  • Add advanced thermal features including ablation for thermal electric devices and heat pipes.

  • Select from a wide number of available thermal loads.

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