MSC Apex | Modeler

Direct Modeling & Meshing Solution

A direct modeling & meshing solution for CAE that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification & meshing workflow. MSC Apex Modeler provides following functionality & Tools for CAE modeling:


  • Sketch lines, squares, circles, ellipsoids, fillets, and chamfers

  • Project, split, and edit existing sketches

Direct Modeling

  • Interactively edit solids, surfaces and features with intuitive Push/Pull or Vertex/Edge drag tools

Geometry Edit Tools

  • Identify features and defeature

  • Project, split, and edit existing sketches

  • Geometry Cleanup and Check

  • Split, fill and stitch surfaces

  • Add/Remove vertices or edges

  • Use Virtual Topology (Suppress/Unsuppress vertices or edges).


  • MSC Apex has built in multilingual features. Currently Chinese, English, and Japanese are supported

Meshing and Mesh Editing

  • Mesh curves, surfaces, and solids, available element types: beam, quad, tria, tet, hex

  • Regenerate meshes automatically as geometry is modified

  • Refine meshes with Feature Base Meshing and Mesh Seeding

  • Move and align nodes, and split elements

  • Visually inspect element quality

  • Construct Seed Points to facilitate part connection

  • Mesh surfaces via paver, 4 side map, or 4+ side map mesh method

Midsurface Creation and Repair Tools

  • Extract mid-surfaces by auto offset, constant thickness, distance offset, or tapered methods

  • Incrementally build mid-surfaces of uniform or non-uniform thickness for planar or curved solids

  • Connect surfaces via direct modeling (Vertex/ Edge Drag), auto Surface Extend or stitching

Model Attribution

  • Material Creation and Assignment

  • Behavior Creation and Assignment

  • Automatic creation of thickness and offset properties for uniform and non-uniform cross sections

  • Glue Connections

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Learn with in-program videos, workflow instructions, at-mouse instructions, and searchable documentation

  • Submit application enhancement ideas or issues with the Integrated Reporting Tool

  • Undo/Redo actions

Assembly Management

  • Interactively translate, rotate, and duplicate objects

  • Manage parts and assemblies based on model hierarchy

  • Execute model search queries

  • Control model appearance with color, transparency, and visibility

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