Apex is a new addition to the CAE software solutions with its flexibility (easy to learn) and its capability of saving time compare to other similar software.

MSC Apex

  • MSC Apex is an integrated and compact solution which is about to transform computer based simulation technology
  • Easy to use than existing complex & critical CAE modeling & simulation process
  • A comprehensive solution for CAE modeling and simulation simultaneously from a single platform

It comes with an integrated solver methods which interactively and incrementally provide parts validation in to the sub system level for a complete products while achieving convergence to the solution.

Features of MSC Apex platform

  • MSC Apex accelerate design performance evaluation through CAE direct modeling capability.
  • Supports instantaneous preparation of model analysis, reduce part and assembly solving run time while simultaneously providing high end visualization effects
  • Open architecture enhancing the sharing capability of simulation models with supply chain without compromising Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Provides rapid trade studies for the design analysis.
  • Built-in geometry and meshing tools designed specifically for the simulation workflow.
  • Parts and assembly Import, repair, update, build or re-build of geometry while the mesh automatically regenerates in real-time.

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