Our partner MSC Software introduced an expanded products system which is MSC One, letting you to take the advantage of the breadth and depth of MSC Software's simulation portfolio within a flexible token based licensing system. MSC One includes all current and future products produced by MSC Software. From large scale global enterprise to small-medium sized companies with engineering needs can use the features of MSC One according to their requirements.


         MSC One capacity can be expanded or contracted based on current and future project needs.

         Access to more connected physics and disciplines allows better prediction of part and system behavior.

   Ability to leverage MSC's ecosystem of products including MSC Apex, MSC Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc, SimManager,   MaterialCenter, and more.

         Access to MSC Apex and the new modules as they become available (such as Structures, Nonlinear, Multi-body Systems).


The MSC One Method

The new subscription based token system, customer will receive a pool of tokens. These pool of used to access and run a full range of CAE solutions available under the MSC One licensing system from MSC Software. Each individual software item requires a certain number of tokens to run. After each use, your tokens are returned to the pool for other use.



         Take advantage of simulation solutions to accelerate innovation in your product line

         Create a flexible environment, as your project and CAE needs mature or change.

         Reduce financial risk to increase or decrease capacity as your engineering needs change.

         Obtain access to infrequently-used CAE applications that might otherwise be difficult to cost justify.

         Consolidate your CAE software suppliers to most effectively stretch your limited budget.


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