SimManager manages all aspects of CAE simulation with focus on meeting the sophisticated data management and processing needs specific to the simulation community. With their 50 years of experience in CAE industry, our partner MSC Software developed a complete solution that brings people, process and technology to streamline simulation operations.


●   SimManager manages all simulation data and processes from project initiation through final report generation.

●   It enables simulation operations become more productive and effective, reducing the cost and time it takes to bring better products to market.

●   It also helps to meet required certification requirements where needed, and storage and recovery of data when needed in a secure manner.

●   It's a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) system that help industry to achieve increased productivity.

●   It ensures improved quality through reduction in errors.

●   Effective collaboration, integrated teamwork, shorter product development times, accelerated process and product innovation are some important features that can be achieved by SimManager.

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