MaterialCenter is designed to ensure full traceability across the enterprise and throughout the product lifecycle. It addresses the unique requirements of exponential growth of complex materials in driving product innovation (plastics, composites). MaterialCenter works directly with many commercial CAE products including include many of MSC's flagship products, MSC Nastran, MSC Fatigue, Marc, and e-Xstream Digimat.


   MaterialCenter is the single point of entry for all of your materials related activities including physical test data entry and reduction,  multi-scale materials modeling, approval workflow and the export of simulation ready data to analysis.

   It guarantees a consistent source of approved materials derived from traceable integrated processes.

   It ensures improved simulation fidelity, reduced data loss and elimination of tedious manual data management activities; empowering    engineers to focus on driving new and innovative products.

   MaterialCenter ensures the future needs of material and simulation engineers with its 100,000's of processes and petabytes of data.

   It facilitates quick evaluation of materials data management projects and management oversight and keep projects on track.

   Its Process-oriented, automation approach to data management implemented is able to minimize manual data entry.

   It has a robust and intuitive interface for data search, retrieval and comparison for all data types - tabular, curves, images, etc.

   Its web-based interface to data management processes enables distributed data authoring and maintenance.

   Its built-in job queue interface optimizes execution of materials simulation processes.




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