Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. provides solutions to the designer and Manufacturer in Shipbuilding industry at different stages from concept to complete product using the software by MSC Software.




Shipbuilding is an industry engineers are tasked with creating enormously complex products, which faces world's most demanding and dangerous environments. With the constant market pressure to reduce operating cost, ensure safety, and increase human comfort. As a result shipbuilders need to reduce both material cost design and development cost.


Our software products help engineers and manufacturers with these challenge by providing virtual prototyping solutions that ensure safety and reliability, compliance with requirements, and make the ship design and verification process faster and more efficient.


MSC Software is used for many types of shipbuilding simulations:

  • Acoustics and noise propagation
  • Composite material analysis
  • Cargo unloading analysis
  • Crash and safety predictions
  • Durability and fatigue analysis Noise and vibration
  • Panel buckling
  • Strength and fatigue assessment
  • Ship shock, collision & grounding analysis
  • Structural analysis of components and assemblies
  • Thermal performance Underwater shock analysis
  • Underwater shock analysis
  • Welding and riveting
  • Wave loading
  • Sloshing and ship dynamics


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