Computer Aided Design (CAE) tools allow railway companies to design and test prototypes virtually, eliminating costly mockup and testing. Reeling towards the non-conventional early-in-design solution has proved to save time and money.



Since the inception of steam engines railways have been a primary mode of transportation. It has been seen as the low-cost alternative to road and air travel. Railway has played a vital role especially in transporting cargo. From moving large quantity goods to transporting customer from point to point, from urban rail systems to inner city rapid transportation system, whether it is above the ground or below the ground almost every country in the world has took advantage of the railway system.

Advancement in railway system has crucial to the infrastructure of a country. With customized requirement from all around the world designing with commonality is a challenge. Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. with its industry experience and powered by MSC's FEA and simulation capability no design requirement is out of reach in the railway industry.

"The harmonization is starting to yield significant business benefits. The software provides us with an opportunity to make sure that the designs fulfill all requirements before we start to make the first unit."

- Micko Björck, Bombardier Transportation on MSC Nastran, MSC Patran and MSC MasterKey. (Source: MSC Success Stories)


Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. is able to empower the railway industry using MSC Software in:

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Acoustics
  • Bridge Crossing Design Optimization
  • Crash and Safety
  • Derailment Safety Clearance
  • Durability and Fatigue
  • Mechatronics
  • Multidiscipline Analysis
  • Noise and Vibration (NVH)


  • Nonlinear Analysis
  • Ride and Handling
  • Simulation of Cargo Tie-Down Effectiveness
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Performance
  • Traction
  • Track Loads Prediction
  • Vehicle Dynamics


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