Packaging Industries require simple and reliable solutions for a variety of products. Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. with its experienced and outstanding team equipped with world's leading CAE software produced by MSC Software for design, analysis, simulation and optimization needs.



Packaging industry is challenged to increase package strength, improve product performance and deliver on time with confidence. In order to accelerate design cycles while reducing cost, and to improve the environmental sustainability the packaging industry manufacturers need to be equipped with sustainable or trustable solutions. To meet today's demands companies need to reduce material consumption, optimize package design and filling and conveying process.

MSC's leading simulation solutions help engineers to achieve material savings, optimize design and to choose materials that are environmentally sustainable or recyclable.

 "The ability to quickly and thoroughly evaluate many design alternatives with MSC.Software's solutions made it possible to increase the processing speed of our machines by 50%, while reducing vibration levels below the previous generation of machines."

-Stefano Grassi, Technical Director and Member of the Board of Directors, Kosme on MSC Nastran and MSC Adams (Source: MSC Success Stories)


MSC Software is used for many types of simulations:

  • Design optimization
  • Durability and Fatigue
  • Drop test
  • Nonlinear and contact modeling
  • Structural analysis 
  • Composite material modeling
  • Thermal performance
  • Sealing performance


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