Since the invention of wheel mankind was introduced to a new kind of sports, automobile racing. Speed is undistinguishably the key component for winning. With that passion in mind out software suite is designed to enable you to deliver the swiftest product, done right at first time.



Whether it is the wet F1 Nurburgring circuit in Germany or a hot day NASCAR race on Charlotte Motor Speedway, only a few things produce so much adrenaline and excitement as the buzzing melody of racing cars. Regardless of the location of the circuit or the dissimilarities of the vehicle, these all provide the same thrill by showcasing a harmonization of speed, acceleration and G-Forces.

The days of bigger power wins the race are over. With authorities placing regulations to create an unbiased play field, winning the race is more than just sheer power. It is about finding that little tweak on cylinder, a little more curve to generate the extra down force, the constant incremental improvements race after race.

Recent winning poll teams have shown the winning teams are doing a better job using Computer Aided Engineering to simulate the reality. The correlation of the simulated data and real data shows the opportunities to increase in weight reduction, fuel efficiently and much more. The world class CAE simulation solutions saves time by significantly reducing physical testing and allows the engineering design team to quickly and accurately evaluate alternatives. Our aim is to provide the tools and share our knowledge to identify problems even before it takes place. Better preparation leading to the victory poll.


Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc.'s partner MSC Software's current software suite is used for various Motorsport simulations:


  • Acoustics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Closed course path optimization
  • Composite material modeling
  • Crash and Safety Simulation
  • Durability and Fatigue
  • Mechatronics
  • Multidiscipline Analysis
  • Noise and Vibration Testing
  • Ride and Handling
  • Ride height and damper influence
  • Structural analysis of components
  • Thermal Performance
  • Track Simulations
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Weight Optimization



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