Advancement in medical science has been exponential but so have been the risks associated with it. Medical professionals are demanding newer and better products in the shortest amount of turn-around time. Taking advantage of computational modeling and analysis is the promise to accelerated innovation.



Medical device industry have trusted MSC for over 15 years. Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. is honored to be a proud partner in leveraging MSC's technology and our industry experience to bring innovative solutions in the medical industry. Our goal is to provide biomedical engineers with the tools and training facilitating a competitive advantage to design the best product while minimizing risk and cost.


"MSC provides a comprehensive library of sophisticated products that allow researchers to approach and solve difficult problems in the biomechanical arena."

- Paul Buscemi, Ph.D, Diagnostic Simulations, Inc. on MSC Patran and MSC Marc. (Source: MSC Success Stories)

Using CAE tool for analyzing results in support of medical device approval has been recommended by FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). Biomedical engineers are able to reduce product's time to market and increase reliability using CAE tools and optimizing designs meeting both regulatory and budgetary requirements. Computer modeling and analysis methods are helping device manufacturers enter clinical trials and experimental testing stages with more confidence.


Benefits of utilizing FEA for medical design include:

o   Enhanced patent protection

o   Faster FDA and CE approval

o   Improved patient effectiveness

o   Improved quality management

o   Increased product life and durability

o   Increased performance and mechanical reliability

o   Reduced risk

o   Shorter development cycles


MSC Software is used for many types of medical related simulations:

o    Structural analysis

o    Durability and fatigue

o    Fluid structures interaction

o    Advanced nonlinear materials

o    Motion-structures interaction

o    Mechanism simulations

o    System level performance and optimization

o    Drop testing and packaging analysis

o    Simulation Data & Process Management

o    Manufacturing simulation

o    Biocompatible materials analysis

o    Methods & best practices

o    Nonlinear and contact modeling

o    Stress & strain analysis

o    Design optimization

o    Noise and vibration

o    Motion and systems analysis

o    Thermal & heat transfer analysis

o    Acoustic analysis

o    Multi-Disciplinary analysis

o    Materials modeling (viscoelastic, shape memory, more)



Biomedical Engineers use MSC Software for simulating:

o   Orthopedic products

o   Medical fasteners

o   Ocular modeling

o   Soft tissue simulation

o   Packaging

o   Electronic systems

o   Virtual biomechanics

o   Knee replacement

o   Human modeling

o   Soft tissue and joint modeling

o   Hospital equipment

o   Laser bonding

o   Ablation catheters

o   Dental implants

o   Mechanical connectors

o   Prosthetics

o   Pacemakers

o   Vascular implants

o   Defibrillators

o   Heart valve replacements



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