In the construction, mining and agricultural sectors, companies need robust and efficient heavy mobile machines- like tractors, backhoes, and cranes need to integrate new technologies. Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc., with the help of MSC Software and a team with highly skilled and experienced engineers, is providing FEA solution to the Heavy Equipment Industry.



Heavy Equipment like tractors, cranes, barges have to perform effectively and safely in harsh and extreme maneuvering conditions. In today's competitive global market, design and manufacturing engineers have to design for more reliable and customer specific products with great mobility. Virtual testing plays a vital role in order to meet the custom requirements. Engineers have to rely on analytical and simulation software more and more to perform accordingly.

We, Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. here, are providing world leading CAE software produced by MSC Software packaged with our skilled and experienced engineers is capable of handling any design, analytical and R&D work.


"Technology has reached a point now where it would be impossible to do the variety of load case checks and dynamic simulations any other way than using advanced simulation software."

-Dr. Jim Henderson, Senior Engineer, Dynamics, Leyland Trucks on MSC ADAMS. (Source: MSC Success Stories)


MSC Software is used for many types of simulations:

  • Balancing reach and agility
    requirements with stability & safety
  • Contact interaction analysis
  • Control system performance Tracked & wheeled vehicle
    modeling & analysis
  • Design optimization for shape,
    weight & cost
  • Durability "hot spot" predictions


  • Dynamic transient analysis
  • Materials management
  • Noise & vibration analysis
  • Nonlinear analysis of structural components
  • Obstacle traversing
  • Soft soil interaction
  • Thermal analysis


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