Innovation and pace control the competition in Electronics industry. Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. with the MSC Software provides revolutionary solutions, allowing product manufacturers to bring innovative products to market faster and reliably.



In the industry of Electronics everyone has heard of the Moore's law, but only a few manufactures have the ability to keep up with it. In this short development cycle industry it is crucial to be a step ahead in innovative and complex design to sustain in the market. In order to meet requirements rooting from all around the world the products need to have the ability to endure any environmental and loading conditions. The industry also have the crucial task of providing safe and reliable packaging in order to ensure 100% functioning products, at the customers' door, on time.


Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. has partnered up MSC Software to offer you the tools and industry experience to enhance your current capability and reach the peak.


o   Our solutions provide CAE tools with advanced Multiphysics capabilities to simulate mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic behavior.


o   Computational Modeling and Analysis is providing engineers a competitive advantage by reducing risk, lowering costs, and accelerating innovation.


o   CAE capabilities enabling manufacturers to conduct trials and experimental testing stages with more confidence.


o   Leveraging the optimization tools from MSC Software, users can also improve the product performance and reduce the material usage in the product and packaging.



"MD Nastran reduced the weight by a factor of two, while maintaining the required optical and structural performance."

- Dr. Victor Genberg, Sigmadyne on MSC Nastran. (Source: MSC Success Stories)


Our solutions are used for many types of electronic simulations:

  • Drop and impact testing
  • Durability and fatigue analysis
  • Electro-magnetics
  • Global-local shock analysis
  • Packaging and shipping analysis


  • Process automation
  • Solder joint analysis
  • Strength tests (stress and strain)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Vibration analysis


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