Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. is a proud channel partner of MSC Software, the recognized leader in the Automotive CAE industry. Our best-in-class software suite provides functionality in designing, optimizing and simulation.



The Automotive Industry is one of the most competitive market constantly in demand for multiple new products every year. If that was not enough, the constant shift in market landscape, new policies and customer needs put pressure on the manufacturers all around the world. All these aspects are driving the industry to lead innovations to achieve higher performance, better fuel efficiency, and more capability at a lower price. With the rising cost of research and testing companies leaders have relied on simulation.

Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. incorporates engineers and consultants having decade of experience on simulation with MSC's solutions, you are guaranteed to receive the most optimized solution. From testing new materials to evaluating a manufacturing procedure we at Hi-Tech SoftSys, Inc. is equipped to provide the software you need, the training you require and the support to bring the best solution.

"The modeling of spot welds in trimmed body models had been a very time-consuming step in the past. With the common development of CWELD together with MSC Software, Volkswagen is able to save up to 30% modeling time, especially in creating variants."

- Dr. Juergen Hillmann, Head of Research and Development Body Design Analysis and Test, Volkswagen AG. on MSC Software (Source: MSC Success Stories)


MSC Software is used for many types of automotive simulations:


  • Acoustics.
  • Composite Material Modeling.
  • Crash and Safety.
  • Design Optimization.
  • Durability and Fatigue.
  • Mechatronics.
  • Multidiscipline Analysis.
  • Noise and Vibration (N&V)
  • Nonlinear and Contact Modeling Ride and Handling
  • Structural Analysis of Components and Assemblies.
  • Thermal Performance.
  • Vehicle Dynamics.


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